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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fight COVID19 STAY Safe! Learn Online

The whole world is now fighting the novel coronavirus and its impact. In this global crisis, we are there to help you. Let us all keep calm, patience, and trust toward our governance. The situation will become stable and in a few days, weeks, or months we will again revive and come in pace.

Let us take this opportunity to build, skill, and secured ourselves to achieve a better life. TIET Virtual Training initiative has been developed by experts, academicians, educationists, and technology professionals with more than 30 Years plus of experience. We have come up with courses, classes, and workshops to help Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, GIS, and Media students. These classes are self-paced and are driven by learning by doing pedagogy.

Get in touch with us and we will find out the best program for you so that you can learn through our cloud labs and virtual, instructor-led classrooms.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Grow Your 3ds Max Skills

What is 3ds Max?

Formerly known as a 3D studio and 3D studio Max, 3ds Max is a 3D professional modelling, animation and rendering application build for making 3D animations, models, interactive games, visual effects for the entertainment industry. 3Ds Max plays a huge role in designing 2D cross-section shapes of 3D models. It can bring characters to life by using a special character called the inverse kinematics which links different components of a character together.

Understanding 3ds Max

It is capable of architectural modelling, and it serves as a tool in product designing and manufacturing collection. It is a massive software that is used in almost every industry for different purposes. Understanding it is not easy for a beginner but surely it will be a boost to their careers. Here we learn a few important elements of 3Ds Max interface:-
  • Main Toolbar: It is present at the top of the interface. It includes tools and options that appear like buttons and dropdown menus.
  • Command Panel: It is situated on the right side of the interface. It includes all other commands that the user needs.
  • Maxscript Editor: It is used to code scripts, utilities, and plugins.
  • Viewports: This is the view boxes that display the scene from four different angles- Top, left, front and perspective. The viewport is very helpful and makes work easy and quick.
  • Material Editor: It is used for texturing objects and preparing materials and maps that can be applied to the objects.
  • Render Frame Window: It allows the user to view the final output of their scene with materials and lighting. This output can also be saved for future references.

 How Does 3ds Max Make Working so Easy?

It has an amazing set of tools and commands and supports unique features that make it a user-friendly software. It has various unique built-in Primitive shapes such as teapots, cones, cubes, pyramids that are used as a foundation for model development, Working with this becomes more easy and fun when most of the tools and commands are right in front of the user and it doesn’t confuse them. This program is also used in the simulation of mechanical parts as it supports the NURBS feature that allows smooth modelling by using mathematical formulas, Character modelling is also made simpler as 3ds Max includes simulations for hair, skin, fur, and cloth. These inbuilt tools reduce the time taken for modelling and enhance the detailing.

Various Subsets of 3ds Max

The different subsets are as follows:-
  • Maxscript: This is a coding language which inbuilt in the software and it operates repeated tasks. This script is responsible for developing tools and User Interfaces.
  • Character Studio: Primarily it was a plugin. Presently character studio is a tool that helps in animating characters and is based on tock skeleton animation.
  • General Keyframing: In the software, the user has two keying techniques; auto key and set key. They both provide support to the user depending on different workflows.
  • Skinning: Using this technique, the user can have control over the movements of the characters.
  • Scene Explorer: This subset provides a sequenced view of scene data. It also helps in editing the data separately, that allows clarity in editing complicated scenes.

What Can You Do With 3ds Max?

  • With this, the user can create animated individual characters and develop scenes with multiple people in it. The program has multiple animation controllers which can be created, modified and even shared.
  • Moreover, 3ds Max supports 3D rendering characteristics. One of the main ability of the program is that the users can view the rendering results without actually rendering the scene. This is achieved by starting the Active Shade Mode in the Program itself.
  • The interface of the program is clear and user-friendly.
  • The plugins can be used with great ease and without any lagging with render programs like V-ray and others.

Advantages of 3ds Max

  • There are some advantages and uses of 3ds Max that are unique and we cannot find those in any of the 3D software. These uses are-
  • It is a favourite software with architectural and visualization animators.
  • It works and blends greatly with other Autodesk products.
  • It has strong rendering abilities, improvised usage with industry-standard products.
  • It is a time saver software with additional animation tools and mapping workflow.

If you are looking for professional Autodesk 3ds Max Training in Gurgaon, Enroll at our Gurgaon Centre.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

How we can calculate the shortest travel distance between two points in Revit?

In Revit 2019, calculating the path of travel for the code requirement was not really good. There was no way to automatically calculate the length of the chain lines of this path. The new Path of travel tool introduced in Revit 2020 helps you to select the start and end-point and Revit will automatically calculate the shortest path between the selected points. It will avoid walls and find the doors. You can also assign obstacles in your project. Path of travel tool will avoid these obstacles and will try to find an alternate route. Revit also ignores all hidden and demolished elements.

Below are some key points of the Path of Travel tool:

  1. You can also tag the “Path of travel lines”.
    Tag assigned to Path of Travel Lines
    Figure 1 Tag assigned to Path of Travel Lines
  2. By default, the path of travel will avoid an object placed in your project.

    Figure 2 Path of Travel lines avoid obstacles.
  3. You can also Schedule the Path of Travel. In the example below, I have created a schedule for a plan. You can set the mark for each Path of Travel and provide information on the start and end-point of this path. Speed can also be set for the path and it will calculate the time taken to cover the distance of the path.
    Figure 3 Schedule for Path of Travel

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