Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Peoples University (TPU) - A TIET Initiative

Photoshop Training in Gurgaon

We believe that getting good education is the fundamental right of every Indian student, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or financial status. The mission of the "The Peoples University" is to bring the education to all and therefore the admission to TPU is guaranteed as long as the student meets the guidelines as set by the University. The university is being established by Prof. Sham Tickoo of Purdue University, USA and his team of 40 professionals in India. For more information, please visit and

In the first phase, starting in 2017, we will be accepting students in the certificate program in Emerging Technologies and Interior Design (The list of the programs is given in Appendix-A). In the second phase, starting in 2018, we will offer degree programs in Information Technology and Computer Science, followed by other programs as mentioned below:

  • August 2017--Certificate Program in CAD/CAM, Civil/GIS, Animation, Interior Design
  • August 2018--Degree Program in Information Technology and Computer Science
  • August 2019--Degree Program in Engineering and Management
  • August 2020--Establish The Peoples University
  • August 2021--Degree Program in Liberal Arts, Law, Post Graduate and PhD programs in various disciplines
  • August 2025—School of Medicine (Cardiology)

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